Washington Highlands
Annual Dues
  • chevron_rightHow does the WHA board communicate with residents?
    The primary means of communication from the Board are:
    • Our website: www.washingtonhighlands.org
    • Email - resident registration on the Washington Highlands website is required. The board uses the email address used for registration to send information to residents
    The WHA board also uses The Highlander magazine as well as the Washington Highlands private Facebook group for some updates and events. Please note that the Facebook group is not administered by the WHA.  
  • chevron_rightHow can I contact the board?
    The board members can be contacted directly via email with the contact information found here or through the Contact page here.
  • chevron_rightWhere can the annual financial statements be found?
    Annual financial statements can be requested by homeowners, please reach out to the current Treasurer. 
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