Washington Highlands
Board Members
The following are the current Officers and Directors that comprise the Washington Homes Association Board of Directors for 2017-2018.
Please contact any of us if you have questions, comments or suggestions.
Jayson Finnigan
Amy Mikec
Parks & Landscaping
Joe Ceci
Architecture Review
Jim Brown
Joseph Ceci
Tom Kueht
Government Relations
The Washington Homes Association is managed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is composed of nine individuals who are elected from the organization's membership for a three year term.
Please consider volunteering your time on the Board of Directors or as a committee chair-person.   Its a great opportunity to "give back" to your community and help shape its future. It is a very rich and rewarding experience.  Want to learn more about how to get involved?  Contact any of the board members listed for more information.
Washington Homes Association Board of Directors and Committee Responisbilities
This is a brief overview of the structure of the WHA Board of Directors and duties for each role. The Board of Directors is elected at the WHA Annual Meeting to a three year term. If desired, a Board member can renew their term, however must be reelected. There are no term limits set forth in the covenants. Typically roles are decided upon at the first Board meeting following the annual meeting (usually in November), if desired, and responsibilities are then delegated and/or renegotiated. Please note that the committees change yearly based on the needs of the neighborhood so all committees may not be currently respresented.
* Responsible for the overall oversight of the association
* Leads the board
* Presides over the annual meeting
* Represents the association at external functions
 Vice President
* Steps in when needed for the president
* Records all outgoing and incoming funds
* Prepares a monthly report to the board
* Preparation and delivery of annual dues invoices
* Monitors all funds and accounts
* Pays bills and reimburse as needed
* Responsible for recording the meeting minutes for the monthly board meetings and the annual meeting
* Maintains the records for the board
 Architecture review
* Maintains the file of past approved projects
* Accepts project applications from residents seeking approval
* Acts as a liaison between the Wauwatosa Police Dept. and Highlands Block Watch captains
* Helps to recruit new BW captains to fill vacancies
* Point of contact for the WPD
* Leads the safety efforts on behalf of the association
Government Relations
*Acts as the liaison between the WHA Board and the City of Wauwatosa officials and employees
Neighborhood Events
* Oversees of all of neighborhood events volunteer coordinators
* Recruits volunteer coordinators to fill vacancies
* Acts as liaison between the board and the various event coordinators
* Helps with the events when needed
* Ad Hoc committees: Easter Egg Hunt, Fourth of July celebration, Night Time Trick or Treating, Santa Visits, Home and Garden Parties
 Parks and Landscaping
* Oversees maintenance of the parks and shared spaces
* Liaison to the maintenance personnel
* Oversees maintenance of the flower beds and other median areas
* Responsible for creek oversight and coordinating repairs
* Maintains file of all communications made in regards to the creek projects
* Responsible for the ongoing publication of the newsletter
* Acts as liaison to the publisher, or coordinate resident volunteer to act as liaison
* Maintains website content, update or delegate as needed
* Coordinates resident access to website
* Sends email blasts to residents as needed, in a timely manner
* Drafts communications to residents (individuals or groups) on behalf of the board
* Can delegate website maintenance/coordination to resident volunteer, if desired. Committee will then direct the volunteer.