Washington Highlands
Welcome to the Safety Corner
The Highlands remains an incredibly safe place to live, raise children, and enjoy the best our neighborhood has to offer. Consistently, we have some of the lowest rates of crime in all of Wisconsin.
A few tips and reminders:
1. Please click here to download a burglary prevention tips document prepared by the Wauwatosa Police Department.
2. Locked doors and windows are the best bet for prevention. 
3. Limit exposure to theft of packages and mail, especially during tax season and the holidays.
4. Cars with keys in ignition is an invitation for theft, especially in the winter.
5. See something? Call the police! We have a great relationship with the TOSA PD, and they prefer a preventative call to writing a report for an incident that could have been avoided.
Want to know more about what is going on in TOSA?  Read the Wauwatosa Police Department Safety Blog
The Highlands in committed to the safety of our neighbors and homes.   Following the list of the block watch captains are recent safety updates from the Tosa Police Dept.For more information on Block Watch, please contact your block watch captain or Frank DiCastri.
Block Watch
Street Block Number Block Captain Contact
Alta Vista Ave 1600-1800 Jacquie Rolfe  258-7838
Betsy Ross Place 6400-6500 Joe Cici  774-7581
Hillcrest 6500-6700 Marshall Chay  259-0492
Lloyd 6000-6100 Bill Pauers  771-7671
Lloyd 6200-6400  OPEN  
Lloyd 6600-6700  OPEN  
Martha Washington 1500-1600 Penny Schwid  774-9455
Martha Washington 1700-2000  OPEN  
Milwaukee Ave 6000-6500 Tom McCormick  774-4532
Mountain Ave 1600-1800 Cindy Seeman  774-6393
North 60th St 1500-1600 OPEN  258-2526
North 60th St 1700-1800  Ken and Marueen West  454-0752
North 68th St 1600-1700 Steven Stern  258-5319
North 68th St 1800 Maureen Badding 476-3238
North 68th St 1900-2000 Michael Price 258-5319
Revere Ave 6400-6600 Max Marti 364-7536
Revere Ave 6700 Patti Podewils  771-8895
Two Tree Lane 1900-2000 David Laatsch  258-9488
Upper Parkway N 6200-6300 Mike Anich/Dave Zachman  774-5249
Upper Parkway N 6400 Therese Henke  774-0129
Upper Parkway S 1500-1600 Cindy Rochman  443-9120
Washington Blvd 6000-6200 Maureen Stern  258-3123
Washington Blvd 6300-6500 Christine Grebe  607-9873
Washington Cr 6100-6147 Rezonn Dalhin-Klein  476-4866
Washington Cr 6162-6300 Lisa and Rob Wood  258-5789
Washington Cr 6200-6300 Frank DiCastri  607-9566
Washington Cr 6400-6501 Carol and John Washcovick  259-9713
Washington Cr 6506-6551 OPEN  
Washington Cr 6554-6592 Chris Kuranz  727-2443