Washington Highlands
Welcome to the Safety Corner
The Highlands remains an incredibly safe place to live, raise children, and enjoy the best our neighborhood has to offer. Consistently, we have some of the lowest rates of crime in all of Wisconsin.
A few tips and reminders:
1. Please click here to download a burglary prevention tips document prepared by the Wauwatosa Police Department.
2. Locked doors and windows are the best bet for prevention. 
3. Limit exposure to theft of packages and mail, especially during tax season and the holidays.
4. Cars with keys in ignition is an invitation for theft, especially in the winter.
5. See something? Call the police! We have a great relationship with the TOSA PD, and they prefer a preventative call to writing a report for an incident that could have been avoided.
Want to know more about what is going on in TOSA?  Read the Wauwatosa Police Department Safety Blog
The Highlands in committed to the safety of our neighbors and homes.   If you have any questions please contact John Barag (Safey)